Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating of a Porsche GT3RS

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Porsche GT3RS represents a pinnacle of luxury and performance, demanding the highest degree of care and maintenance. Our client, an owner of a 2022 Porsche GT3RS, approached us with concerns about the vehicle's aesthetic appearance. Despite the relatively new model, the car's paintwork had developed swirl marks and minor scratches from incorrect washing techniques and environmental factors. Our client wanted to restore the car's showroom finish and also wished to apply a protective coating to minimize future damage.


Upon assessment, we found the Porsche GT3RS to have light swirl marks and minor scratches scattered throughout the bodywork. We also observed a dullness to the paint's finish - a common sign of oxidation. To address these issues, we proposed a two-step process: paint correction and application of a ceramic coating.


Paint Correction

The first step in our process was paint correction. This involved using machine polishers and a variety of compound polishes to level out the paintwork, removing the defects and revealing a pristine layer beneath.

We used a paint depth gauge to measure the paint's thickness at various points across the vehicle before starting. This was to ensure that we did not remove too much of the clear coat during the paint correction process, risking damage to the paintwork itself.

Once we had an understanding of the paint's depth, we used a combination of rotary and dual-action polishers with different cutting compounds. This approach was to gradually remove the topmost layer of the clear coat where the swirl marks and scratches were present.

After each polishing stage, we cleaned the surface with a specialist detailing spray and checked our work using different light sources. This thorough examination helped us identify any areas that needed further attention or where we needed to adjust our polishing technique.

Ceramic Coating

Following the paint correction process, we prepped the car for ceramic coating. This involved a final wash and decontamination of the paint surface to remove any residue from the polishing compounds.

The ceramic coating selected was a high-end nano-ceramic coating. The application of the coating involved manually applying it panel by panel, ensuring an even layer was distributed across the entire

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