Jeep Paint Protection

Premium vehicle paint protection services in the twin cities

Why is Jeep Paint Protection Important in Minnesota?

Pristine Detail, located in downtown St. Paul, provides clear bra and Ceramic Pro Jeep paint protection services. Regardless of the Jeep model that you drive, our paint protection services provide high end coating services. Whether you drive a Wrangler, Cherokee or any other Jeep, we have a package that provides the paint protection services needed to stay protected.

In Minnesota we are use to extremes. From negative temperatures in the winter, to triple digits in the summer we deal with a great variance of weather in our state. Due to our extremes, the weather causes extreme stress on a vehicles paint. From rock chips, insect acids, rock chips, swirling and oxidation your cars paint takes on a lot if left unprotected. With the addition of Jeep paint protection services, your 4×4 vehicle is ready to take on whatever the road and weather has to offer. For a free quote for your Jeep paint protection needs, please click here.

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