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The Benefits of Paint Protection Honda Services

Hondas are some of the most popular vehicles on the planet. Known around the world for their incredibly reliable track records, it’s easy to see why there are so many decade old Hondas still on the road. Although the engine compartment and mechanical track record is a strength of the make, the paint of the vehicle is a different story. At Pristine Detail, we accommodate all the Honda paint protection needs on any Honda regardless of year or model!

Why is Paint Protection Important to Hondas?

Have you ever seen a Honda’s paint cot peel or look deteriorated? If you have it’s a result of the soft clear coat that has lost the protective qualities. Hondas are notorious for this type of damage and are frequently accelerated by high humidity, high air salinity, road salt and poor upkeep habits. Due to the climate of Minnesota, many Hondas are exposed to these environmental contaminants that lead to premature aging and oxidation. However, with the addition of Honda paint protection services from our shop, we can help protect vehicles in both the short and long-run.

How Can I Protect My Honda?

At Pristine Detail we provide paint protection services that are catered to many types of auto owners. Due to the relative affordability of Hondas we recommend the application of Ceramic Pro coatings. Since clear coat and oxidation does not discriminate against certain panels of a vehicle,  it’s best to coat the entirety of the vehicle. Ceramic Pro provides high end ceramic coating protection that allows coatings to cover the entire car from bumper to bumper. The benefits of Ceramic Pro defend against oxidation, minor scratching and UV damage while acting as a protective layer between the vehicles clear coat and the road. For a free quote for Honda paint protection needs, please click here.

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