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Ceramic Pro & Clear Bra for Chevrolet – Pristine Detail MN

In need of paint protection Chevy services? At Pristine Detail we offer high-end paint protection film services specifically catered to the exact make and model of your vehicle. Whether, you drive a Camaro or a Tahoe, we have something to protect your specific year and model of your Chevy. With our custom plotter we can easily match the exact dimensions and specifications of your car to a paint protection film. By adding paint protection to a vehicle, you’ll add protection from rock chips, road salt, insect acids, swirling, marring, oxidation, dings and more! The best part of paint protection film is that it also possesses self-healing properties that literally heal itself in a sunny area or heated garage.

Chevys are known for having problematic paint. There are several reported cases of individuals dealing with paint issues including, peeling and bubbling in as little as twelve thousand miles. That’s one of the many reasons to protect a vehicle’s paint. If you’re concerned about the short shelf life of paint on your Chevy, we recommend applying either paint protection film or Ceramic Pro for added protection. Paint protection film ,known as the king of paint protection, is the only form of paint protection that can defend against scratching and rock chips. Ceramic Pro, on the other hand, is a more affordable option for nano-ceramic paint coating services. Ceramic Pro finishes with an incredibly highly hydrophobic finish that makes cleanup a breeze. For a free quote for the paint protection needs of your Chevy vehicle, please click here.

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