BMW Paint Protection

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Shield Your Investment with BMW Paint Protection

Searching for BMW paint protection in the Minneapolis area? Our shop specializes in paint protection options on luxury vehicles. BMW is known for its pearlescent and metallic paints, while the large front grill and hood of the vehicle are known to be prone damage from projectiles. With the paint protection services offered at Pristine Detail, we have a paint protection option perfectly suited for the unique needs of Minnesotans that simply put, keep beautiful paint protected.

At our shop we offer two variants of BMW paint protection. The first being paint protection film and the second being Ceramic Pro. Our specially trained detailing technicians can match any BMW paint protection film to the specific dimensions of a vehicle. Whether it’s an X5, 300 series or M series paint protection film defends vehicles against rock chips, road salt, premature aging oxidation and even tree sap! On the ceramic coating side we have several options that provide high gloss hydrophobic coatings that keep your car looking great!

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